Mental healthcare for beginners.

Get started taking care of your mental health without wondering whether you're doing it right.

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Illustration of a girlHelping you find balance.
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Discover yourself.

Take the first step of a lifelong journey toward deep, loving self-understanding. Unlock your natural creativity, empathy, and resilience.

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Your Mental Health Record
Capture your personal and mental health history into a single unified record to be shared with therapists.
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Matching That Works
Match with (and switch to) therapists tailored to your personality, identity, and experiences.
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Direct Constructive Feedback
Track your therapists, sessions, and topics, so that you always know whether you're making progress.
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Structured therapy backed by detailed patient profiles.

A New Paradigm For Therapy.

How it works

Patient-Centric Technology

Define your topics and goals for therapy

Go into each therapy session with a clear topic to discuss and associated goal to help hold yourself accountable.

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Explore your thoughts and emotions

Work with a certified mental health professional to delve into what makes you who you are.

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Leave detailed feedback about your experience

Review your therapist, session, and progress toward your goals after each session.

A girl with a notebook

Make progress toward the life you want to live

Regularly check in on your progress and make any necessary changes to make sure you're always moving forward.

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How it works

Patient Profiles

Yourself, in context.

Take your mental health as seriously as you take other aspects of your healthcare. Start by filling out a detailed patient profile, where your care team can find an account of your identity as well as your personal background and therapeutic history.

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Guided sessions

$5 fee

+ Guide rate

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