January 7, 2022

Life is a summation where decisions made in each moment compile to not quite totally, but in many ways, produce your reality. Recognizing this, it's important to make the best choices in each individual moment in order to produce the reality you want. We’ll call these individual-moment decisions micro-decisions.

To distinguish micro-decisions from other kinds of decisions, let's look at an example. Take the idea of going to college. If at some point in your life you decide you want to attend university, this is not a micro-decision; it is a macro-decision, also known as a strategic decision or a plan. In contrast, the associated micro-decisions would be the decisions made in each individual moment that service the goal of going to college: Will you do your homework tonight? Will you go to practice this afternoon? Will you be kind to yourself when you fail? 

You can see how these types of decisions differ: micro-decisions are a fundamental block of action/non-action while macro-decisions, or plans, are the guiding strategic force behind countless micro-decisions.

In the current culture, there is a strong focus on process, or the idea that if we think of a problem as a process or system, we can focus on the inputs to control the outcomes. This is useful and will be discussed in a future post, but for now just realize that “process” is simply the combination of your macro- plus micro-decisions, or put another way, the sum of your plans plus your actions.

It's important to acknowledge micro-decisions specifically, however, because they are so easy to overlook. Humans generally don't think of their lives as a system in which their thoughts are the inputs and reality is the output. Acknowledging micro-decisions as the elemental blocks to achieving the reality we desire helps us close the gap between our thoughts, decisions, and actions, however slightly.

In short, just remember: it’s easy to make plans, it’s hard to make decisions. It’s critical to do both well, but pay attention when you are making micro-decisions. Plans do not necessarily add up to become your life. Micro-decisions do.

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