The beginner’s path to self discovery.

Starting therapy can be intimidating and overwhelming. Finding the right therapist is often a lengthy process, full of trial and error. We’re here to solve that, hand-matching you with therapists equipped to help you navigate your experiences, and then personally following up to ensure that you have the best therapeutic experience possible.

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We’re with you every step of the way.

We won’t just drop you in the deep end. Our Patient Advocates hand-match patients with therapists, prep them for the relationship, and debrief with them after the first session.

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Professionally trained
and certified therapists.

Our therapists know what they’re doing. They are fully-vetted, and their subspecialties span a diverse range of life experiences. Moreover, they are specifically trained to ensure that they give beginner patients the best experience possible.

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Best-In-Class Treatment Plans Designed For Beginners

Beginners often aren’t sure where to start. Rather than waste your time learning both what to talk about and how to talk about it, choose a path that interests you and we’ll provide suggested topics for you to discuss with your therapist so that you can focus on yourself. Need to go off path?
No problem. We can do that too.

Getting Started
Session 1: What to Expect
Session 2: Personal Values
Session 3: Self-Concept
Session 4: Family & Friends
Session 5: Work
Session 6: Society
Session 7: Stressors
Session 8: Daily Habits
Session 9: Micro-Decisions
Session 10: Next Steps
Choose Your Destiny
Session 1: What to Expect
Session 2: Personal Values
Session 3: Self-Concept
Session 4: Choose A Topic
Session 5: Choose A Topic
Session 6: Choose A Topic
Session 7: Choose A Topic
Session 8: Choose A Topic
Session 9: Choose A Topic
Session 10: Next Steps
Anxiety & Depression
Session 1: On Thoughts
Session 2: Locus of Control
Session 3: Bayes
Session 4: Emotions
Session 5: Triggers
Session 6: Dissociation
Session 7: Healthy Habits
Session 8: Acceptance
Session 9: Self-Harm
Session 10: Breath Training
Session 1: Yourself, In Context
Session 2: Optimism
Session 3: Affirmations
Session 4: Visualization
Session 5: Self-Talk
Session 6: Being Gentle
Session 7: On Kindness
Session 8: Hardship
Session 9: Grace
Session 10: Transcendance
Session 1: Parents
Session 2: Siblings & Friends
Session 3: Acquaintances
Session 4: Bosses
Session 5: Colleagues
Session 6: Setting Boundaries
Session 7: Healthy Conflict
Session 8: Communication
Session 9: Trust
Session 10: Co-Dependency
Session 1: Personal Values
Session 2: Alignment
Session 3: Yourself, In Context
Session 4: Career Path
Session 5: Your Boss
Session 6: Your Peers
Session 7: Communication
Session 8: Boundaries
Session 9: Managing Conflict
Session 10: Five-Year Plan
Session 1: Yourself, In Context
Session 2: Culture War
Session 3: Climate Change
Session 4: Racial Injustice
Session 5: Political Conflict
Session 6: Voting Rights
Session 7: Women's Rights
Session 8: Trans Rights
Session 9: Poverty
Session 10: War
More coming soon!
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Your opinions, actually taken into account.

When you provide us with feedback, we actually listen. We follow up and do everything we can to support you throughout your journey.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Here’s what our patients have to say about us
Roger Sparr
Portland, Oregon

Finding a therapist was so easy. After signing up, Practice emailed me with three suggestions. I had free consultations with all three and eventually chose my therapist, who I've been with for over a year.

Kelsey McBride
Miami, Florida

I love how Practice helps me track my progress over time. Having my notes and sessions in one place is super helpful, and I'm able to see how I'm feeling about certain topics over time from the analytics.

Shahab Rana
New York, New York

Practice is the real deal. They are responsive. When my first session didn't go well, they reached out to understand why and helped me get matched with a therapist who was a better fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the cost of Practice Health?

Matching and consultations are free on Practice. The cost of therapy varies from provider to provider and is influenced by insurance. We will do our best to help you estimate your costs before your first session with a therapist.

Does Practice take insurance?

Yes, but whether your insurance is accepted by an individual therapist is up to the therapist. We do our best to give you the tools necessary to find a provider who takes your insurance.

What's included in the app?

The initial Practice app is a basic progress tracker designed specifically for therapy patients. You can expect to be able to search for a therapist, take notes, track sessions, and review therapists.

How does Practice use my data?

We use the data you provide to us to match you with therapists, provide therapists feedback, and advertise to patients. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not query your profile unless asked and we do not store any data that you do not explicitly provide via a form within the app. Moreover and maybe most importantly, if anything changes with how we use your data, we will be transparent and forthcoming with you.

Are there any other fees?